my summer love...
  ..."I'll be waiting" tonight
  ...summer love
  ...are you gonna be my girl everything're beautiful the sun


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...we know each other since 5 years, but we haven't met much in this time...

We are friends since 1 1/2 years and I'm in love with you since 1 year I think...

Everybody adores you and I'm so happy that I'm a friend of yours, because it's always fun to hang out with you. We've done sooo much together and you can always make me laugh .

But then slowly and without warning I fell in love with you...I noticed that there is more than friendship for me...but I think you don't have the same feelings...I tried to repress my feelings for you...1 year...but that's not possible anylonger ....I just love you too much...

And you broke my heart soo hard as you left...1 year I had to wait and I was happy everytime when you sent me a message or when we phoned...but that really broke my heart...I missed you everytime and I cried so many days and don't know that...I'm really in sorrow about you and I hope that everything in your life goes on so well as before this year...I KNOW how you feel about that one we have a strong connection...we are SOULMATES!!! 4-ever ...

You are my summer love (summer '06-'07 and without much doubt even until '08) <3 <3 <3.



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